Firadesunna application

This is a archive of old recruitments of Guild Wars 1. (read-only purpose)
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Firadesunna application

Postby firadesunna » Thu Sep 18, 2008 7:45 pm

Reason for being on this forum (e.g. Guild Wars, IB, hanging out): Guild Wars (and hanging out maybe )
(Nick)name: Real Life: Lucas in game: Lerina Bladewielder
Age: 17
Nationality/Residence: England (UK)
Character name(s): Lerina Bladewielder, Elena White Heart
Usual playing hours: 9:30pm-4am weekends, 9am-3pm wednesdays
Interests: Gaming, a bit of anime and anything to do with computers :D
Other information about me:
Been playing guild wars for ~3 years now (this is my 4th account) I can play nearly every class semi decently (apart from paragon and necromancer)

I have had a character of all classes @ 20 in the past (I often delete characters to make new ones)

my fave classes to play as, are warriors and monks

I am a experienced ABer

I try to be friendly :D

My gf is often playing on GW with me (same PC, same account etc) so sorry if I take a while to respond ever :(

I have been a officer in one guild for over 2 years now but I wanna start GvGing with a fun guild :D

ty for reading and hope you get back to me in game :D

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