Why hello there

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Why hello there

Postby BDStyle » Tue Feb 17, 2009 2:33 am

Good day my fine friends, thought i'd pop in and say Hi :)

Since I have some guys in this guild I'd like to keep in contact with before they leave me and the babies alone (Medi, Dark... you really should keep up with your support payments). Anyway hey hey :D

I am playing fairly regularly these days so feel free to whisper me if you need a monk/mid liner that has some experiance behind him. Only days i won't play are the ones I have organised events for. I'l return the favour to those that ask when I've organised a few gvg's in my neck of the woods too.

Apart from medi... he smells... he doesn't return my calls anymore, even when I tried to tell him of our childs first steps DAMN YOU MEDI... WHY CAN'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE!

Oh for those that don't know me I'm a veteran XU member that comes and goes in guild wars activity. I played with LST when we were the dogs bollocks at GVG. I play monk exclusively when its my choice but I am an experienced mid liner in PVP (because as we all know, its good to diversify) and can also cover for a flagger compitantly.

I have however not GVG'd for a year... that being said.. looking at the standard of some of the monks in the top 100 these days thats no handicap.

IGN is Morgan Zahadum.

Have fun all :D Good luck in the tourney this weekend.

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Re: Why hello there

Postby Holy » Tue Feb 17, 2009 9:35 am

Haha, hey there Morg :). We'll take you into consideration if we are in need of any of the positions you mentioned. Also I granted you some additional priviledges so you should now have access to the GvG/PvP section. I really think Medi should take more care of your children though, lazy bum.

Anyhow got school now so gotta run, see you around :).

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Re: Why hello there

Postby Mess Up » Tue Feb 17, 2009 12:04 pm

Hey Morg, good to see you around =)

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