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TBR in Guild Wars 2

Postby Mess Up » Thu Aug 23, 2012 10:41 pm

Pre-Purchase access starts 4am-7am GMT on 25th August
Pre-Order access starts 7am GMT on 27th August
Release is 7am GMT on 28th August

Home world: Aurora Glade
For an invite, contact Mess Up.6804 or Medi.3451 ingame.

We all have to be on the same server if we want to play WvW together. Influence and guild upgrades are server-specific too. There will be free world switching until guesting is implemented (I think?) so we can always switch worlds if there's a problem with it.

Inviting New Members
TBR will start off as a small guild but it'd be nice if we could get some new members in. Officers: you're welcome to invite new people to the guild (doesn't matter if it's someone you already know or just someone you've come across in-game) but please ask them to come to the forums and make an introductory post in the Recruitment forum.

Influence is earned by members by doing in-game stuff, which can then be spent in guild upgrades such as shared storage. If anyone has pre-purchased the digital deluxe/collectors edition you should probably keep hold of your tomes of influence until we're sure that we aren't going to switch away from Aurora Glade.

Permissions and shared storage
I'm still not quite sure how guild shared storage is going to work yet so this will be filled out when we actually have the upgrade built. Dark will have leader rights, Medi and I will have a custom rank called "Lieutenant" (unless anyone has a better name) which will have the same permissions as the leader. Veteran GW1 members will get officer rights. Then there will be "member" and "new member" ranks - the idea being that the "member" rank can access guild storage.

Mumble server
My mumble server expires shortly so we're migrating to a new server paid for by Dark (thanks Dark).
Server details are in TBR only forum - link

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Re: TBR in Guild Wars 2

Postby Cell » Fri Aug 24, 2012 2:12 am

You can name the different ranks? o.O (Cell never got hold of a beta-key)

This has to somehow include cheese. :eyes_on_fire:

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Re: TBR in Guild Wars 2

Postby Avalanche » Fri Sep 07, 2012 8:41 pm


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