Shadows Hereeeeeee. Wanna join.

This is a archive of old recruitments of Guild Wars 1. (read-only purpose)
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Shadows Hereeeeeee. Wanna join.

Postby Shadows » Mon Dec 22, 2008 3:01 pm

Reason for being on this forum (e.g. Guild Wars, IB, hanging out): Guild Wars
(Nick)name: Shadows / Wolf
RL name: Marc
Character name(s):Main PvE :Main: Rawr Chop Chop Wolf , Companion Of Nika , Healing Princessa , Elemental Princessa (Mostly play on Rawr though , the rest is meh. :p )
Usual playing hours:evenings
Interests:Music , Computers, too much to name actually. :p
Other information about me:Used to be in LST like Medi and Mess up, after that well kinda wandering around. ;p

GvG specific
Balthazar Faction:750,000
PvP-ranks (Gladiator, Hero, Champion, Commander):Rank 3 Mighty Hero. Rank 2 Fierce Gladiator
Professions and roles played (rate roughly how good you are at each one):Warrior (Probably the best) Monk (Pretty decent )
Estimation of amount of GvG's played (10 or less, 10-30, a few dozen, 100+, 250+, 500+):i guess a few dozen. dont think i ever came around 100+.

Highest Guildrank was with some GvG guild we got too ~280 and then got disbanded since most people left or quit GW. After that my highest rank was with LST 300-400.

I hope this is enough info for u all.

Note that i'm still in a guild, wich only has me and my friend as a member so, i cannot be invited if you choose too let me join, so i would like to have a PM thanks. :)

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