Wabbit's app <3

This is a archive of old recruitments of Guild Wars 1. (read-only purpose)
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Wabbit's app <3

Postby Wabbit » Mon Nov 17, 2008 6:53 am

Reason for being on this forum: Gwguru ad
(Nick)name: Wabbit
Age: 20
Nationality/Residence: Sweden
Character name(s): Wabbit Loves You, Wuddly Wabbit + numerous random pvp char names
Usual playing hours: 6 PM - 10 PM , GMT+1
Interests: Horses, riding, oh my, there's alot, psychology, singing, GUILDWARS, uhm, there's more just can't figure anything else out atm.
Other information about me: I study, equine, I'm really laid back and easy going, been playing since proph, in a numerous amunts of guilds, my first one i gvg'd in was [tt] , they were in [SoV] alliance, so i know who Cell is, then i went straight into this korean guild, they ended up on r18 on the ladder, they disbanded, then i started playing with ebay tigers, or bambis dont say [meow] (that was before they started to run sf spikes in gvg), weren't there for long thought, then i joined a few random pve guilds, tried again in frogs in the ghetto say moo [dawg], but joined them at the ladderfreeze and they disbanded before it got back up, after that i haven't really been in any top 100 guilds, just a few top300-500, then i've helped a few pve guilds that wanted to get into gvg, been in a few all-swedish guilds after the VoD changes but they disbanded aswell. So don't have much experience with this new VoD.

GvG specific
Balthazar Faction: 2.514,150
PvP-ranks: r6 hero (got before nf came out), r2 glad, r10 lux, got a few champpoints, not enough for the title thought.
Professions and roles played: top100 monk exp (which is more like top500 now, top300 warr exp (that's how far we got, don't really know).
Estimation of amount of GvG's played: 500+

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